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Back, back again


Hi guys. It’s been a while.

A short summary of what’s gone down since July:

– Started dating one of my best friends

– Went to three awesome weddings

– Traveled to Ottawa (which was terrific)

– Moved to Albany

– Curled up in a black pool of unemployment despair

– Worked at a farm

– Got on stage for the first time since college in a musical

– Directed and produced a play

– Got promoted from per diem sub to full time sub/coverage coordinator/desk person at a charter school in Albany

– Had an absolutely delightful 28th birthday!

I have no idea how many books I’ve read since then. Quite a few, I imagine. One of my recent favorites is Eleanor and Park.  I found a delightfully weird chicken version of Cinderella for my goddaughter called Cinders. I also finally got around to reading Battle Royale, and am watching the movie in pieces since it’s too violent to take in one sitting. The book itself was an interesting, if bloody commentary on coming of age, government, and general teenage internal motivation. I definitely recommend- if you can stomach it. I’m listening to The Magicians on audiobook, which is a dark Harry Potter-esque novel for adults. I’m also pretty crazy about Fr. Kosmas’ lecture series. The lectures are all available for download here, or you can support your local church bookstore and pick one up for $15-20.

The major thing I’ve taken from my job is that parents need to stop giving their children cell phones. They view them as creepy, Borg-like extensions of themselves. Think about how you feel when you leave your phone at home Perhaps disconnected? Unable to get answers? Unsure what to do in an emergency? Now imagine having one practically since birth- that feeling multiplied a thousandfold. TAKE THE PHONES AWAY, PEOPLE. You’ll do your children a greater service than you can imagine. While you’re at it, cancel your Netflix and turn off the TV, too.

I have no ending to this post, but aren’t you glad I’m around to preach at you again?