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She’s baaaaaaack


Welcome to No Spend October!

(Yes, I know it’s still September. But we’ve gotta psych ourselves up for this.)

Since I last posted, I’ve started grad school, acquired and shed several jobs, had a baby, gone on hiatus from grad school, and changed many, many diapers. I’ve also acquired what one might refer to as a minor spending problem. I have been reading, but not enough.


(Not the people who sing “My Girl”. These are far more insidious and likely to creep into your head.

Disclosure: I may or may not be listening to “My Girl” right now.)

  • Babywearing gear
  • Lularoe
  • Picture frames
  • Second Time Around


  • Carrying your baby doesn’t seem complicated at all until you have to do it for 23/24 hours per day. This is where babywearing enters the scene. What is babywearing, you may ask? Oh, you poor, simple, uninitiated soul. Babywearing is exactly what it sound like. You use a variety of carriers, ranging from a simple piece of cloth to a full buckle wrap conversion to a DISO SNN HBWC (it’s ok that you have no idea what that means. Until April, I didn’t either) to carry (“wear”) your baby. It’s a sweet idea, and saves your back. Then the fashion industry enters and ruins everything. Not unlike buying a handbag or backpack, there is a baby carrier for every conceivable situation. Desperate for semi-intellectual stimulation, the new mother falls investigates the merits of various carriers, then POW! Shiny things take over. She finds the second hand market, where ostensibly expensive carriers are sold on the cheap by other mothers desperate to recoup funds. Then she finds the other second hand markets, where mothers with money to burn are selling carriers at and above retail value. At first interested in finding great deals, the new mother now feels desperate to be part of the club. She discovers that the right carrier makes her feel pretty. She discovers the babywearing gambling world. I wish I were joking.
  • Realizing the cult of babywearing has consumed her and seeking other avenues of entertainment, the new mother realizes that she kind of cares what she looks like again, and that none of her old clothes fit. Lularoe now sneaks on the scene. Lularoe offers clothing that is comfortable, stylish, affordable, perfect for the changing body, and (here it comes) printed in limited quantities and only sold through online consultants. What at first seems like a sound investment in reasonably priced clothing quickly becomes a hunt for exclusive prints (“unicorn hunting”- WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE A NAME- better memorize it or they’ll know you don’t belong!). Once again, the new mother joins countless consultant facebook groups, attempts to beat others in the chase purchase clothing only at pre-ordained times and online places.
  • I’m not sure why I keep buying picture frames, but we’re running out of wall space.
  • Finally, the new mother remembers how she used to shop before giving birth, and hits up Second Time Around. It’s second hand, so the price must be reasonable, right?


  • No Spend October!
    • No “fun” purchases until November 1st. Nothing non-essential: no clothing (we have enough), no books (use the library), no apps, no audio books, no “great deals”
    • Coffee purchases allowed only when out with friends, and then no food purchases.
    • No “fun” food purchases. I’m looking at you, cupcakes.
    • No giveaway entries.
    • No baby purchases. We have plenty of clothes, toys, etc.
    • Date night is allowed. Experiences only, no object purchases.


  • This all sounds a bit severe, but I’ve always done better with rigid guidelines.
  • The goals of this exercise are as follows:
    • Lessen the spirit of acquisitiveness
    • Live offline
    • Create more
    • Explore more
    • Be outside more
    • READ more.

Although this is not strictly a reading project, I’ll post updates here through the month. Living with intention is always the goal. Onward!


Currently reading: American Gods, Simple Gifts

Baby’s current favorites: Goodnight, Moon, On the Night You Were Born