2012 Totals


This blog was, at least in part, an attempt to track what I read. I’ve always been curious about how much I read in a month/year.

Total number of posts: 74 (or approximately 7 per month, 1.5 per week).


New Year’s Eve Wedding

Total number of books read by month:

December/January- 7ish?

February- 10

March- 7

April- 5

May- 6

June- 11

July- 7

August- 6

September- 2 (I call no way!)

October- 7

November/December- 14


I don’t want to get obsessive about this, but I’m pretty sure I can do better next year. I’d like to read more and do fewer rereads. We all know how much I love my horrible teen novels though, so we’ll see how that goes.

I posted a total of 80 blog posts in 2012. That’s around 7 per month, or slightly over 1 per week. Again, I can do better. I would like to make it a goal to post twice a week in 2013. If I keep up the poem of the week, this is definitely achievable!

Happy 2013, everyone. I hope it was, and continues to be, merry and bright.


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  1. Hi, Suziereads! I noticed your comment at Mere Inkling and stopped by to see what you’re doing.

    I am a Reformed Christian. In school I had the opportunity to study Church History, the crucial early councils, etc., and I am intrigued by Athanasius. I’ve read a short bio, but not much of his own words, except for the Creed and quotes from him in the bio. It seems that his treatise on the Incarnation would be a good place to go next.

    Bless you, and a happy New Year! May you get through your 30 books by 30, or substitute better ones. I admire Edith Wharton’s wonderful The Age of Innocence, and loved and benefitted from Anne Hamilton’s God’s Poetry.

    Maria Tatham

    • Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by!

      The Age of Innocence is one of my favorite books, so I think we’ll get along fine :). I definitely recommend checking out On the Incarnation, especially the translation referenced on Mere Inklings. It’s wonderfully readable.

      I love all of the poetry/bible verses you’ve matched to art on your page- beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the good work, and happy new year!

      • Thank you, Suziereads, for replying to thismy comment and visiting my site! I’m so glad you enjoyed Wharton’s wonderful novel. I’ll revisit the Mere Inkling’s post to find the particular translation of On the Incarnation.
        Prayers for a productive and happy New Year for you!

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