Greetings from Aspen!


A Colorado Christmas! This is by far the most cheerful airport I’ve ever been in. And look!








Kindle and I have been reunited!! I even bought a book that’s not supposed to be available in the US till April!


Happy vacation reading, y’all.


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  1. Kindle is the best way to read electronically. I think I may just jump on the enhanced Kindle bandwagon so i can check out s book from the lending library each month. It would be a great goal to read twelve books in 2013. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Joe! Go for it. I love having books around and the feel of them, but for travel a Kindle is the only way to go. Based on your blog and interests, I’d recommend three of my favorites from this year:

      Sophie Scholl and the White Rose– A gripping true story of a group of young Christians standing up against the Nazi regime in the last days of the Third Reich. I cried. I never cry.

      The Name of the Wind– HOLY FANTASY FANBOY, BATMAN! Patrick Rothfuss absolutely kills it in his debut novel about a young Gypsy (well, Gypsy-equivalent) wizard in a compelling universe. Very engaging, in the style of Terry Goodkind with more humor and none of the really creepy assassin dominatrix stuff.

      I was trying to find something compelling and family oriented, too. I’m in the middle of Cold Sassy Tree, a YA novel that is both well written and inspiring because the author put it together while struggling with cancer (a subject that always appeals to me personally, since innumerable family members have succumbed to this wretched disease). However, I don’t like to recommend books I haven’t finished, so I’m going to say A Prayer for Owen Meany. This John Irving novel deals with faith and family in unexpected ways, and that’s all I’ll say.

      Thanks, Joe! That was fun. Stay tuned for a best of 2012 list!

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