Change of Pace- Novel Writing


1984 opened last night, and at least our first night was a success. I often compare theater to music- it’s meant to be heard, it’s all about the tension, harmonies, and well placed silences. I spent a lot of the performance curled up in the fetal position, listening. Very few gaps. I’ll call it a win.

Now, in the morning after, I face my next big challenge- 30,000 words in the next fourteen days.

Yup, you read me right. 30,000.

I knew that 50,000 was going to be too much, but it’s important to me to push myself somewhat. Besides, remember my New Year’s goals? (Be Brave and Write More!) The teacher side of me is telling me that it’s good to switch learning styles, so I’m really doing a good thing by exercising my brain. The emotional side of me is busy trying to drown it out with ARE YOU CRAZY YOU NEED TWO COFFEES JUST TO HAVE A CONVERSATION IN THE MORNINGS?!?! However, since the emotional side of me has been thoughtfully providing me with nightmares for the last week, it may be time to tell her to shut up.

Right. Novel. I scrapped the Ms. Maverick idea. It crashed and died after over a week of willful neglect. I still want to use the name some time thought, because I don’t know if I’ll ever have a student make up such a cool pseudonym for me again. My new book is based on three moments:

1) Last year’s debacle in which my brother was the best man at my First Love’s wedding and… never mind. Yes, my mother went, too. I ate ice cream and watched some chick flicks.

2) February’s debacle in which 2.5 of my exboyfriends appeared in a concert I choreographed. They didn’t even know each other. Did I mention I became violently ill and vomited thirteen times in eight hours? And that I was a six hour drive from the comfort of my bed?

3) Narrating the above and various other hilariously awful romantic circumstances I’ve been in yesterday at lunch with some co-workers.

The premise of my novel is more or less this: “Hey, what if I took every horrible thing that’s ever happened in my romantic life, set it in high school, and tossed in some pop song lyrics?”

I’ve written close to 1500 words since yesterday, so it must be working. I need to write 2,000 a day to accomplish my goal. Wish me luck!


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