Five Books Made into Plays


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Five Things list, but what better way to celebrate the beginning of rehearsals for my fall production?

he’s waaaaaatchiiiiiing…

(Yes, I know the pictures are still backwards. I’m working on it, alright?)

Below you’ll find five of my favorite book to play adaptations- with just a little cheating.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird– At the age of twelve, I almost played Scout in this production. However, my mother decided that Watertown was too far to drive for rehearsals, so it didn’t happen. True story. This play is one of my few regrets- but the script is still awesome!

2. 1984– Oh hey, that’s the play I’m directing now! I enjoy the stage version because a) it’s high school friendly and  b) it’s still really creepy. With this production I hope to get the kids thinking about the technology they use in everyday life and educate them about communist Russia/China/Romania. The character of Julia is quite different, a few characters have been combined, but it’s largely the dystopian novel you know and love.

3. Jekyll and Hyde– The songs all sound the same, but they’re all pretty! A fairly appropriate tribute to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic.

4. A Christmas Carol– This story has been adapted so many times, in so many ways, Dickinson might as well have written it for the stage. We’re going to work on one version in my English class in December. I’ve read at least four different scripts and seen five different film versions. The most memorable version I’ve seen on stage had Marley’s ghost appear through the floor in a shower of sparks, carrying a giant paper mache head. Scared me to death when I was eight. The version I’ve posted is the one we put on back when I worked at McCarter Theater.

5. After Mrs. Rochester– A wonderful adaptation of Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea. Both the book and the play are meant to be a fresh look at Jane Eyre with a more sympathetic eye to Bertha Rochester. Coincidentally, Wide Sargasso Sea is on my 30 before 3o list. It’s a great play for scene study, and I hope to tell you how close it is to the book soon (or at least before I turn 30…).

That’s all for today, folks. Happy cross-reading!


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  1. I recently read 1984…because I wanted to get a feel for big government, as our current government takes away more and more freedoms. Did the play go well?

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