In which I have a Macbook


You may have noticed that I’ve been absent for a little while. Well, that’s because I’ve gone completely insane.



Not really quite like that. Slightly more like this:



Why, you ask? I thought it would be obvious. School is starting, of course!



Yes,  my job has finally begun. After a trip to Houston to meet my boyfriend’s family last week I jumped into training and am now in the final preparatory stretch before classes start on Tuesday. Here we goooooooo….

My preparation appears to involve meetings, lesson planning, panic, and shiny new toys. We all know that giving me shiny new toys is a terrible idea (see: shattered computer screens 1, 2, and 3), but The Job seems be doing it anyway.  Yes, I have acquired a Macbook Pro!

What does this mean for you? Besides the excessive amounts of pictures I can now take of myself, I’m not totally sure yet. I do know that it means a lot for my sanity as I organize my productions for this school year. It may also mean that I’ll take a crack at creating my own textbooks or reference books through the fabulous iBooks Author app. I might be getting an iPad for my theater work as well (also through the school), so I’ll keep you posted.

School year prep has also meant a lot of YA reading. I feel so indulgent.

by Gordon Korman

Schooled is a YA novel by Gordon Korman, author of my hard to find have, I Want to Go Home! The main character, Capricorn, is a lovable outcast home schooled throwback from the sixties, who enters the very real world of junior high. It’s a fantastic read (as Korman always is), though it slides a little towards hokey at the very end (as Korman often does). I’m smitten.

I’m also out of time. Happy reading, more soon!


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