Seven on Saturday- Bookish Thoughts


1. I’m writing to you from Brooklyn, NY, where my lovely sister and her family reside.

2. I made it here WITHOUT my kindle (still broken, folks), or an electronic device of any kind. This is a warmup for next Saturday’s fourteen hour flight to Beijing. Although I plan on ordering a new one before I go, I want to be able to entertain myself without staring at a screen for the entire trip.

3. The main reason I was able to endure the four hour ride- heck, I even enjoyed it- was because of this:

Pretty, right?

Rhett and Scarlett got me through, no problem. Plus, that book is a beast. It may even tide me over till Tuesday, when I’ll get on the bus back. Nothing like a beloved classic. The racism is more apparent in this re-read, but the story is as absorbing as ever.

4. Oh, yeah, going to China next Saturday. Packing? What? My reading list currently includes Game of Thrones 1-3 and nothing else. Help? I would like to take the plays I’m going to direct and books I’m going to teach as well. Better decide on those soon.

5. Which reminds me, I may or may not have decided to direct 1984 for the high school this fall. I’m hoping to get a copy of the script while I’m here. SUGGESTIONS AND FEEDBACK WELCOME.

6. I’m also considering which Shakespearean comedy I want to hack into a forty minute festival piece. Probably Twelfth Night. Again, feedback!!

And finally…

7. I still haven’t written my piece about it, butSophie Scholl and the White Rose was one of the best books, if not the best book, I’ve read this year. Buy it, borrow it, but add it to your summer reading list.

Have a great weekend!


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