And now for something different.


I spent this weekend bonding with my beautiful and verybrandnew nephew Caleb. Since he’s also my future godson (!), I’ve been scheming to spoil him. At the tender age of 18 days, he’s already being treated to the best the 0-3 crowd has to offer:

Really, really beserk.

Sandra Boynton’s books are the rarest of finds- kids’ book parents don’t mind reading again and again. She writes jaunty tunes about hippos that don’t make me see spots. They even scan! (Not that I would approve them if they didn’t.)

I see Julia Donaldson as the slightly twisted heir to Boynton:

ooo scary

My six year old nephew loves this one. It’s full of bad guys. Don’t worry, things turn out just fine for the mouse (even if he is a total liar).

However, since Caleb has minimal appreciation for meter at the moment, I also gave him this:

The fish is only the beginning. There are also keys.

Yes, you too can look at pictures with your newborn. (“Look! A butterfly! Yes, it is! See the pretty butterfly, baby?” Newborns make me think of this xkcd comic.) Looking at the contrast strengthens babies’ eyes, even if it can get a little inane for grown ups. It was pretty rewarding to see Caleb’s eyes go straight to the pictures, since it’s difficult to engage him beyond feeding and changing at this stage.

Do you have any favorite picture books?


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  1. I love Julia Donaldson. If your six year old nephew loves “The Gruffalo”, I highly recommend getting the follow-up “The Gruffalo’s Child”, it has a very nice twist to it. I just love reading it over and over to my five year olds (and that since they were three) I never tire, nor do they.
    One other favorite for young children is “Can you cuddle like a Koala”, simple and with nice and soft illustrations and flowing text.

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