My birthday was on Monday. I managed to extend the celebration over three days, and on the first my mother bought me a kindle. Go mom!

I’ve never been a huge fan of e-readers. I value books as objects, not just delivery methods for narratives. Sense memory is more important than you think. I find that Kindle’s changed the way I read. I can’t open to a random page, can’t flip back and forth quickly to check details, skimming is much less productive.

I also wonder if limiting stories (or ideas) to a fast changing screen somehow short-changes the authors- such data can be erased, moved, copied… a book  is not so quickly destroyed.

And of course, there’s always the fear of censorship. It’s much easier for… someone… to change words on a screen than words on aprinted page. (Excuse me while I put on my tinfoil hat.)

The above not withstanding, I’m more than a little obsessed with my e-reader. It’ s MUCH easier to carry around than the two or three (or five) books I usually have stuffed in my bag in case I change my mind or my mood. If I’m still unsatisfied, the wireless allows me to download a new book immediately. Not to mention the fact that I currently have 570 books loaded on to it. (My birthday, friends, was not that long ago. )Are you really telling me you wouldn’t like to have a portable library?

On the other hand, is it good or healthy for me to have so much freedom? Kindle doesn’t make me to stick to anything.

Well, the proof’s in the pudding. (I’ve always wanted to say that!) I’ve got a trip to Philadelphia coming up over Presidents’ Day weekend- we’ll see how Kindle and I get along once the honeymoon’s over and we spend some serious quality time together. Maybe I’ll even use the free menaion or prayer book I downloaded. Kindle and I will keep you posted.

Currently reading: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book : A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin

Just finished: Cleaving by Julie Powell

Still working on: Courage to Pray, Met. Anthony Bloom & Georges LeFebrvre


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